Los Angeles Luxury Travel Destinations

One of the great things about owning a luxury home in or near Los Angeles is the ability to get out and see the world. Los Angeles International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world, and as such provides home owners ample opportunity to hop on a plane to almost anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking to break up the monotony with an epic trip out of Los Angeles, here are a few destinations that travelers have been raving about.

New Zealand

Though it’s a little far, the trip to New Zealand is well worth every one of the 12-plus hours you may spend on the plane. The country is becoming increasingly popular among American families because of its splendid beauty and wealth of activities. One of the major draws for Americans in particular is that New Zealand is an English-speaking country, but still has so many exotic features that make it a truly incredible place to visit. From wine country to breathtaking beaches and plenty of hiking and history in between, New Zealand has something for nearly everyone and is only just a few hours more to get to.

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Travelers opting for a picturesque fairyland will find a truly magical destination in Austria. Popular European cities such as London, Paris and Rome have become oversaturated with tourists, but Austria offers its own unique blend of local charm and rich history. Luxury travelers can marvel at the centuries-old castles and towns or look in awe at the stunning modern architecture in the larger cities. Adventurers can hit the ski slopes of the Austrian Alps or sip a glass of fine Austrian wine at one of the country’s many wineries located throughout the countryside.

United Arab Emirates

One of the most luxurious aspects of traveling to the UAE is the flight. Many airlines that fly to this country offer the most exquisite, first-class accommodations made available to commercial travelers. Once you get off your plush flight, you are immediately immersed in one of the most cosmopolitan societies in the entire world. Everything in the UAE is made for opulence and elegance and high-end travelers should have no trouble finding pleasure and intrigue in the extravagant hotels, grand shopping destinations and unique and rich culture of this burgeoning part of the world.


The natural beauty of Indonesia is what draws many revelers from all over the world, but the world-class accommodations are what keep many coming back over and over again. From vibrant beach resorts to elegant sanctuaries high in the hills, Indonesia’s hotel industry seeks to offer nothing but the very best. The exotic allure of this country is something to behold with your own eyes, while you’ll find yourself falling in love with the peace-loving culture of the local peoples.

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