Laguna Beach Luxury Bonfire Settings

In Southern California there is virtually no better season to host a bonfire as the weather is gorgeous all year long. However, after Labor Day hits and the summer months wind down, it just feels fitting to strike up a fire and invite friends and family over to cozy up on the cooler fall nights.

In the beautiful luxury properties in and around Orange County, a fire pit is pretty much as essential as a kitchen sink. As HGTV’s Cathy Hobbs says, “I have experienced and appreciated fire pits as a key décor element as it relates to creating a luxury environment and creating a seductive mood.”

With your luxury fire pit as the centerpiece, it is also important to design and incorporate plenty of luxury elements around it so as to truly maximize the potential for your entertaining space and create a relaxing and fun environment for your guests, and more importantly for you. Here are a few design tips to help bring the indoors out and around your bonfire.

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Outdoor Furniture

It never pays to skimp on quality for price when it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture. Look into the highest-quality furniture that is outfitted with the finest outdoor fabrics and accessories. Creating comfortable seating options with luxurious fabrics will help to establish an indoor setting throughout your outdoor space. You can really up the luxe factor by incorporating many accessories into your outdoor design as well.

“I like the idea of creating an outdoor living room complete with treasured carpets and layered with cushions, candlesticks, chandeliers and a fireplace for ambience,” says Shely Riehl David of Riehl Designs, Inc.

Outdoor Lighting

Create the ultimate ambience with the right options of lighting. Forget about typical outdoor lights and up the appeal of your lighting elements by incorporating gas sconces, chandeliers and table lamps among your cozy settings. The flicker of these lighting options will create a very romantic and serene feel for your outdoor space. If you prefer a ceiling fan for your outdoor space to help cool off on those hot days, consider opting for one with a more high-end design. Some will also incorporate water misters for those oppressively hot days.


In luxury backyard settings, almost nothing defines an outdoor living room quite like a pergola. These heavy timber structures can delineate outdoor living room space from other areas of the patio and provide many options for creating more charm and ambience around your fire pit or fireplace. Home owners can drape fabric or vines around the top trellis part and even hang a chandelier or interesting lighting element from the upper beams. Some home owners will also hang art from the sturdy wood pillars, creating even more interesting focal points throughout the setting.

Orange County is a wonderful place to settle down in a luxury home. If you are interested in Laguna Beach luxury homes, please contact our team of local property experts today.

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