While technology can be used to create security headaches, it can also be the solution to a number of home security issues nationwide. Here we will look at some of the newest technological advances in home security.

Remote Monitoring

Among the best ways to keep an eye on your home is the ability to remotely monitor what is going on when you are away. Whether you are at work or on vacation, you can get real-time videos and photos of your home. Some systems now allow you to even arm and disarm security systems, send fire or police alerts, and stream your security cameras.

Smart Cameras

In the past, security systems required an expensive service in which a technician would spend hours wiring your home with cameras and sensors. In more recent years, security cameras have become inexpensive and can be installed quickly by homeowners. Most of these cameras now come with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can stream the inside and outside of your home from wherever you are.

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Smart Door Locks

Another cool security feature is the smart lock. These clever devices detect you automatically by using the Bluetooth in your smartphone and unlock the door for you. Some of the higher-end models will also sync with your home automation system and change the thermostat, turn on lights and even turn on the television. There are both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with the Wi-Fi options offering more capabilities.

Smart Garage Systems

Opening and closing your garage door has never been so simple. Once installed, you plug a network adapter into your router, and then, using a smart garage service, you can use the app to control your garage door with your phone. This is a great solution for people who might need to let in a cleaning services or maintenance workers while away from home.

Fingerprint Scanners

While fingerprint sensors were something seen only in the movies, they have now become a high-tech home security reality. While the technology is relatively new, it is anticipated by many in the security industry that fingerprint technology will quickly pass Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology in terms of ease and safety.

Full Home Automation Systems

Investing in a total home automation system offers you the opportunity to do everything from locking doors, turning lights on and off, adjusting your thermostats and accessing security cameras from your smartphone or tablet. They also have a number of conveniences like speakers, integrated music and room-to-room calling features.

Protect Your Data

We can’t talk about home security without addressing the need for cybersecurity. Protecting your data is very important. There are many companies that offer high-tech solutions for keeping your cloud-based data safe through specially designed routers, modems and firewalls. No house is completely safe without one.

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