Who wants the hassle of monthly gym memberships, dealing with crowded weight rooms and trying to find time to work out in your busy schedule? An increasing number of households in LA and beyond are jumping on the home gym bandwagon. As the equipment and technology get better and better, there are several trends that are making the home gym trend better than ever. Both brick-and-mortar gyms as well as home gyms should have three areas to keep your daily workout fun and fresh: a cardio area, a weight zone, and a group fitness space. Here’s a look at how you can bring all three into your home gym.

Home Gym Trends for a Cardio Space

Whether you are a dedicated elliptical aficionado or you like to mix up cycling and running, having a cardio space is key. Leading fitness equipment manufacturers are well aware of the home gym trend. To keep up with this movement, they have begun to make smaller, yet equally sturdy versions of their gym equipment to accommodate a smaller workout space. If you are blessed with an abundance of extra space you can purchase several pieces of cardio equipment in order to vary your workout. If your home gym space is more restricted that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a high-energy workout at home. One great example: The Precor TRM 445 Treadmill is the latest in-home treadmill, complete with 23 preset workouts, 27 metrics, 16 customizable workouts, 2 percent decline, 15 percent incline, and technology that adjusts the belt speed according to your foot strike.

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Home Gym Trends for a Weight Zone

While you may not want to store an entire set of hand weights, bars, free weights and benches, you can still get your strength training mastered at home. Choosing one of the many benches that are multi-functional can help you get the most out of your space and your workout. There are several models that allow you to move from dead lifts to squats to bench seamlessly. By also investing in a high quality set of weights, you can take your home workout to the next level. Consider hand weights that adjust with the twist of a button or a full ranging set of resistance bands. They are easy to store and vary in their strength to accommodate many different strength levels. One cool new gadget for your home gym is the SPRI Qube. This padded cube is perfect for box jumps but also protects you from the cuts and bruises that often come with from wooden or metal plyo boxes.

Home Gym Trends for a Group Fitness Space

A group fitness space in a home gym — does that even make sense? Group fitness is one of the best ways to stave off boredom in your workouts. Video game systems like X-Box and Wii offer a variety of interactive workout games. There are also many websites that provide onscreen group training. In order to up the tech factor in your home gym, consider one of the many stationary bikes, ellipticals and treadmills with Wi-Fi built in to include onscreen group training.

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