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There is perhaps no better city in the world to catch a Hollywood blockbuster than Tinseltown itself, and now local theater chains are upping their appeal by providing full bar service in addition to gourmet snacks and treats. A few months ago, the spotlight was put on iPic Theaters, however since then a number of theater chains have been expanding their own offerings in an effort to keep up with a consumer base that is willing to put down a little more cash for a truly premium product.

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas in Westlake Village is the latest chain to appeal to a high-end clientele with its offerings of craft beers, wine and $15 movie-themed cocktails in addition to its general admission c0st of $20 or more. Movie goers are serviced by waiters clad in all black and can order drinks in the hotel-like lounge of the theater, or directly from their seats during the movie.

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“It’s awesome,” said McKenzie Ferguson, a 21-year-old college student sipping a cocktail prior to a “Gone Girl” showing, to the Los Angeles Times. “It’s so different. It’s like a combination of a night out. You go to a bar and you go to see a movie in one place.”

In addition to cocktails and expertly crafted selections of beer and wine, Cinépolis guests can also order beyond the standard popcorn and candy that are often tantamount to the theater experience. The theater features a food selection that ranges from short rib tacos to a spicy sushi lobster roll.

Theater Industry Gets Boost From Cocktail Sales

While many may feel that the recent brew and view trends may be a little over the top, the notion has done much to save an ailing industry. Thanks to an array of services that allows home owners to watch blockbuster movies from the comfort of their own abodes, the theater industry has been ailing over the last decade or so as attendance has declined. Theater owners needed to find a way to attract viewers back to the big screen, and to keep them in theaters a longer period of time.

“We were thinking, what don’t you currently get at a movie theater?” said Adrian Mijares Elizondo, chief executive of Cinépolis USA, to the Los Angeles Times. “Alcohol has been very well received by some of our adult guests who enjoy having a beer or a glass of wine when watching a movie, just like you would when watching a movie in your home.”

While Gold Class Cinemas in Pasadena may have pioneered the concept back in 2009, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon since then, putting their own spin on the types of gourmet drinks and food offered. Just recently Robert Redford’s Sundance Cinemas entered the game by remodeling the former Sunset 5 theater in West Hollywood with a high-end bistro and full-service beer and wine bar.

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