La Jolla High End Customization

In the world of luxury home design, there are few things that designers, architects and craftsmen can’t do for their clients. However, that doesn’t mean that certain customizations that they are capable of completing should be completed. There are many high-end customizations done to luxury homes that are simply too over-the-top and will end up working against the home owner when the time comes to sell the property.

When it comes to adding value to a property, it is often best to err on the part of class and modesty as opposed to a gaudy amenity with a large price tag. Here are a few customizations that have been known to come back and bite the home owner when they try to unload their otherwise luxurious home.

Ornate Landscaping

Curb appeal is very important to the overall aesthetic of a home and the perception it has to buyers. However, if your landscaping is too ornate, perhaps due to the over abundance of manicured topiaries and animal-shaped hedges, it screams high maintenance and high cost to a potential buyer. Especially in drought-ridden Southern California, landscaping needs to be clean and without the fuss of too many trees, shrubs and bushes that can make a home feel like it’s in the middle of a jungle.

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Backyard Waterparks

As much fun as it sounds to have your very own waterpark in your backyard, it is actually a terrible investment, even for luxury home owners. While pools are definitely a great amenity to have in Southern California, elaborate rock fixtures, slides and waterfalls require a tremendous amount of maintenance and can be a potential safety liability. Instead of these elaborate pool setups out back, today’s luxury home buyer is going for outdoor living space such as dining spaces, lounging space and great fireplaces to gather around with friends and family.

Multiple-Person Bathtubs and Showers

Virtually little to no entertaining is ever done in the bathroom, so why was there ever a need for a six to eight person Jacuzzi or shower in the bathroom? Many buyers these days are looking for normal sized tubs and showers. In fact, according to Bo Mstykaz, a luxury real estate agent in Miami who spoke with CNN Money, elaborate overspending in the bathroom tends to come with a very weak return on investment. One important feature that Mastykaz did cite that was attractive to buyers: walling off the toilet for privacy from the rest of the bathroom.

Over Automation and Security

Luxury home buyers are still interested in being able to control their homes via remote or even from their smartphone, however an overly complicated system can seriously backfire. The same can go for security. Owners of million-dollar properties can appreciate a high-end security system, however when too many cameras or systems become involved, these systems can seem very intrusive very quickly.

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