Griffith Park Trails Los Angeles

Los Angeles luxury home owners who love to get out on the trails for a rigorous hike are in for a tremendous treat as a proposal has been made to expand Griffith Park hiking trails giving enthusiasts a wider variety of new routes to discover as well as better views of the surrounding hillsides and mountain peaks such as the one featuring the famous Hollywood sign.

Griffith Park, which is Los Angeles’ largest and most-visited green space, according to the Trust for Public Land, currently features 53 miles of hiking trails snaking throughout the¬†eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is the second-largest city park in California and is a favorite destination for Los Angeles home owners looking to escape the urban sprawl for a few hours.

If the new proposal goes through, home owners will be able to enjoy the serene setting for a few hours more as city officials are looking to expand trails through 180 acres of uninhabited land owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power near Universal City. The land would be open to the public and will feature approximately 11 miles more of trails as well as a parking lot for visitors. The new paths will increase connectivity to Cahuenga Peak, which is adjacent to the Hollywood Sign, allowing hikers to see the sign and the city below as they never have before.

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Concerns For Los Angeles’ Wildlife

The city purchased the land to add to Griffith Park a few years ago. Concerns for the safety of and from local wildlife have created considerable road blocks to the project, however city officials are adamant that the addition of trails won’t drastically change the makeup of the habitat.

“I would like to share that. That’s all. Not everybody’s going to climb that mountain, but those that do are going to get something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world,” City Councilman Tom LaBonge said to KPCC radio news.¬†“I didn’t buy it for you to look at; I want people to hike on it.”

To ensure the safety of the dwindling natural world around Los Angeles, several conservation groups have openly backed the project as long as appropriate steps are taken in order to mitigate any damage done to the area as a result of increased human activity in the area. According to Paul Edelman, deputy director of natural resources and planning for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, that would mean including permanent conservation easements on the majority of the land so no future development of trails or for other uses occurs.

Griffith Park is already a popular spot for hikers and their dogs. Larger wild animals have already vacated the area, retreating farther into the mountains allowing all to coexist peacefully.

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