Thanksgiving Los Angeles Activities

Despite what all of the store commercials say, the holiday of Thanksgiving is about a whole lot more than preparing the grandest meal or gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year. More than anything, Thanksgiving is about appreciating time spent with family, making memories and traditions that members will carry down through the generations.

While much of the day is spent food prepping and maybe even watching some football, there are plenty of activities the whole family can partake in throughout the great city of Los Angeles. Forget about the turkey for a few hours and get out and enjoy the day with these fun events going on in Los Angeles.

Pumpkin Smash at the Santa Barbara Zoo

Even zoo animals have plenty to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. The Santa Barbara Zoo is celebrating along with their animal companions by opening from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This is a great day that will be unlike any other in the zoo as the elephants, gorillas and other zoo animals will be given pumpkins to play with. The animals absolutely love these special treats and will be putting on quite the show throughout the day as they smash, roll and even eat the pumpkins much to the holiday delight of visitors.

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CHILL at the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Amid all of the sunshine and warm weather, Southern California rarely sees the formation of ice. However, the CHILL event at the Queen Mary is all about ice. The central attraction is the Ice Kingdom, which is an indoor pavilion chilled to less than 10 degrees, featuring a network of rooms holding magnificent ice sculptures. A number of other attractions throughout the venue include ice tubing, ice slides and an outdoor ice skating rink. The brisk temperature alone at CHILL is a unique experience for Southern California home owners, and one that will make the family thankful for a warm turkey dinner to be had later in the day.

Bike and Surrey Rentals at Balboa Lake

What better way is there to work up an appetite than to rent a bike or surrey and go for a scenic ride? Wheel Fun Rentals makes sure that option is still available even on Thanksgiving by providing a plethora of vehicles including surreys, which are four-wheeled bicycles for cruising families, and even tandem bicycles for use around the luscious 27-acre grounds around Lake Balboa.

The park is famous for its abundance of wildlife, beautiful views of the natural surroundings of the San Fernando Valley and even a babbling brook. An outdoor excursion is sure to be a memorable one, especially for families who are constantly on the go but are never really going in the same place.

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