San Diego California HIking Trails

If there’s anything that Southern California is known for, it’s stunning beauty and the ability to get out and enjoy nature. With the weather getting more and more beautiful by the day, now is a great time to take advantage of San Diego’s top spots for hiking excursions. Here is a list of the best trails in the area to get out and explore in.

Palomar Observatory

If you’re looking for a casual jaunt that rewards in stunning views and lots of fun head over to Palomar Mountain and park at the Observatory Campground for just $5. The trail winds and weaves through the pristine tree line of the mountain, with magnificent conifers and oaks lining the trail.

The aerobic climb is full of rewards, just a half mile into the trail an observation deck offers a stunning view of Mendenhall Valley which is filled with blooming wildflowers through late spring. Two-miles later you’ll find yourself at trail’s end, which is near the Palomar Observatory. If you’re up for an educational experience, you can pay $5 to take a tour of the observatory’s Hale Telescope before making the trek back down to your car.

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Lake Hodges Trail

San Diego home owners might never get tired of the 40-plus miles of trails that wind throughout San Dieguito River Park, and the Lake Hodges Trail is one of the most incredible routes. The route takes you past some of the area’s more interesting manmade structures, such as the David Kreitzer Pedestrian Bridge and the Lake Hodges Dam, as well as past some more natural beauties such as the shoreline of the lake and the mountainous region beyond. A round trip on the pet-friendly lake trail is about 16 miles long, so if you want to do the whole thing, make sure you plan for you and your hiking partner accordingly.

Mount Woodson

If your hiking modus operandi is closer to mountaineer than weekend warrior then you might challenge yourself with a jaunt to Mount Woodson in Poway. This is an iconic hike for locals that will take you 2,000 feet into the Southern California troposphere, giving you an Instagram-worthy opportunity to take a snap on a formation called Potato Chip Rock, which is a sliver of granite that remains after a boulder collapsed under it. The trail here is no walk in the park. Some sections are incredibly steep and challenging, but the stunning panorama at the top is surely a worthy prize for your hard work.

Pacific Crest Trail

One of San Diego’s most majestic trails was recently made into an Oscar-nominated film. Reese Witherspoon portrayed Cheryl Strayed, who famously found inner peace walking this trail, which spans from Mexico to Canada. The four-mile span starting from Penny Pines monument is enough to give you a good idea of the majesty that has allured so many to the trail. The hike will take you past cliffs with 1,000-foot drops and unique land formations you might find only in Southern California, if not on another planet.

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