Montecito California Luxury Renovations

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to purchasing a luxury home, you undoubtedly want to purchase a place that will truly make your heart sing every time you spend time in it. At the same time, as a smart buyer, it is important to keep an eye on trends and to ensure you are making a wise investment in the house you decide to purchase.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are planning to put your luxury home on the market sometime soon, knowing more about the latest trends and making a few simple changes to your property can help you increase its value and get more out of your property at the time of the sell. To that end, here is a look at four of the most popular luxury home trends for 2015.

Bathroom Luxuries

Gone are the days when a Jacuzzi tub served as the focal piece within a luxury bathroom. Today’s luxury bathrooms boast a beautiful shower with multiple showerheads and benches for added comfort and enjoyment.

Kitchen Features

Natural wood cabinets are always a safe choice, but white cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular in luxury homes. It is particularly attractive when paired with a quartz countertop. While granite was once the popular choice for kitchen counters, quarts is the less porous option. This makes it easier to clean, less likely to collect bacteria and more resistant to wear and tear.

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When moving on from the kitchen to the dining room, neutral colors for the walls is the current trend. With the help of neutral colors, you can more easily spice up the space with the help of artwork or the addition of a dark wood table.

Outdoor Amenities

Today’s luxury homes also treat the outside just as meticulously as the inside. With so many options for enjoying outdoor living space, there really is no reason why this space should not include features such as outdoor kitchens and private swimming pools next to fire pits. What could be better than cooling off in the pool and then warming back up next to the fire?

Speaking of pools, natural looking pools that blend into the environment are the current trend for luxury homes. Adding a waterfall and some attractive vegetation nearby can further help add to the effect.

Specialty Rooms

What luxury home would not be complete without specialty rooms? While rooms such as indoor theaters and game rooms are still a hit in luxury homes, wine tasting rooms are becoming a popular trend. Rather than head down to a cool, dark wine cellar to retrieve your favorite bottle of vino, these wine tasting rooms are open, bright and cheerful areas where you can gather with friends and family.

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