Southern California High-End Kitchens

With every new year comes new luxury trends! As 2015 gets well underway, luxury home owners throughout Southern California and the nation are at work remodeling their kitchens with the latest and greatest in design trends, appliances and technology. Want the inside scoop?

Here are a few of the most popular kitchen trends that have taken off early in the year.

Things are getting steamy.

Two years ago it was the double oven. Last year it was the outdoor brick oven. This year its the steam oven. That’s right, steam ovens are becoming more popular in high-end kitchens, and for good reason. The moist cooking environment created by steam released by a built-in water tank makes for easy and quick meals that don’t require extra additives such as oil and butter to get a good cook. In addition to healthier food, steam ovens also manage to cook food faster and the condensation left on the surfaces afterward make for a quick and easy clean up.

Cabinets are in touch.

The future is here and it means your cabinets can now open with just the slightest touch of the hand. Kitchen remodelers have been installing kitchen drawers and cabinets that open automatically with just a soft touch. This means no more hardware or handles to mess up when you’re searching for the perfect ladle, leading to a sleeker profile for most of the latest kitchens.

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“Think of those things like ladles and spoons that would usually be on the counter top in a vase,” said Jason Maltas, president of luxury home builder Gordon Gibson Construction, to CNN Money. “Instead now, they are integrated in a drawer that pops up next to the range and there’s a space cut into the drawer for every utensil.”

Pantries are for more than storage.

Pantries have been moving on up in size for some time now, but now builders are taking their functionality to a whole new level. Home owners are installing mini kitchens inside their pantries with built-in features such as a coffee station, mini sink and counter space for food prep and storage. This space isn’t for everyone to see, however. Many builders have been making pantry doors flush with cabinetry in order to keep these spaces discreet.

The fridge needn’t be crammed.

As the sole storage space for chilled foods, the refrigerator does a lot of work and can easily get crammed with plenty of items after a big haul at the grocery store. Luckily, home builders and remodelers are recognizing the need for just a little more chill space and are adding in refrigerated drawers throughout high-end kitchens.

“They look just like a regular drawer in your kitchen that you pull out,” said John Robinson, owner of luxury home builder Wood & Clay in New Hampshire.

This new feature has become so popular that Robinson reported to CNN Money that every home he built in the last year featured refrigerated drawers.

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