Santa Barbara Food Trends

Luxury real estate isn’t the only industry to unveil groundbreaking new trends every year. As a source of nutrition, sustenance and a way to bring people and cultures together, food is also something that goes through phases, fads and trends. Over the last few years we’ve seen the rise of super foods such as kale and gastronomic trends such as craft beer and wine pairings.

Next year promises to be no different, as the food industry is booming behind scientific innovations and a growing concern for the health and well-being benefits of what we eat and how we eat it. Here are a few food trends Santa Barbara home owners should keep an eye out for next year.

Radish is the new kale

A few years ago kale made a huge impact on the food world with its versatility in many dishes and its high nutritional content. The next vegetable to steal some of the thunder in 2015 is the radish. This peppery, crunchy root vegetable has always been a popular accoutrement in a salad, but many restaurants are now using it in place of meat in vegetarian dishes. Whether raw or roasted, radishes are a great source of vitamin C in addition to folate, fiber, riboflavin and potassium. When incorporated regular in a diet, radishes can help to regulate blood pressure, relieve congestion and prevent respiratory problems.

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Greek yogurt goes to a vegetative state

Over the last few years Greek yogurt has been making big waves on the dairy shelves. This is a great source of protein, calcium and live bacterial cultures that promote a healthy digestive system. Greek yogurt is often paired with fruits, nuts, seeds or honey, but in 2015 that trend may shift to vegetables.

“Snacks need to be more nutrient dense, which means we will see more vegetables migrating their way into morning snacks,” said Dana McCauley, vice president of marketing at Plat Du Chef, to CNN Money.

This means we could be seeing more beet, tomato or carrot flavored Greek yogurts hitting the shelves in the next year.

Cocktails go simple

Cocktails with more than three ingredients are so 2014! This year imbibers are getting simple and sophisticated by hearkening back to drinks that their grandparents may have ordered.

“We are going to move to a simple cocktail that isn’t fancy or require waiting a long time at the bar,” said Andrew Freeman, president of restaurant consulting firm AF&Co, to CNN Money. “I am talking the three-ingredient drink.”

What’s the popular drink poised for a huge comeback in 2015? Freeman says the Old Fashioned. This mix of simple syrup, bitters and bourbon was a favorite among the “Mad Men” era, and is now coming back among Milennials.

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