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Even in the largest of homes, organization and ample storage is key to maintaining order and ridding clutter. The trend of tiny houses has been on the rise, especially in areas in like Portland where the culture is always one step ahead of the rest of the nation. While Southern California homes may not look like these small micro homes, owners can take note from these unconventional living spaces in many ways. Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity.

Vertical space

We tend to think horizontally when it comes to storage. How much wall and floor space is there in a specific room? However, using the vertical space in any room not only gives you more space to store and decorate, it gives you more space horizontally and can make any room look bigger. Use shelving high above the kitchen cabinets, office desk or in closets.

You can also utilize the vertical space in your home by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving for things like spices and baking goods.

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Get creative with storage

Instead of jamming all of your goods into cabinets, get creative with the use of space to take advantage of every inch while still making sure everything is easily accessible. Install drawers, sliding shelves and custom interior shelving in cabinets. Sometimes cabinet shelving is awkward and wastes a lot of space. Determine where things are going to live in the cabinets and then work around that by installing shelving in the perfect spots.

Cross-functional furniture

A piece of furniture can be utilized as a desk and a coffee table, or a couch can also have storage within it. Multi-purpose furniture gives you the chance to utilize a room to its utmost capability. Even if you have larger rooms, using multi-purpose furniture will clear up space and make the room feel even bigger. This could be a great option for anyone looking to sell their Los Angeles home, as home buyers will immediately be drawn to the illusion. This also makes it easier to get rid of large, space-hogging furniture like armoires or shelving units.

Everything has a home

Having a designated space for everything not only ensures that your home stays clean, but that you don’t buy things just to buy things. If shopping days often end with you handling multiple bags of items you never needed to begin with, you may want to reconsider the storage space in your home for those items. Before leaving for a shop-til-you-drop kind of day, make sure everything is put away in their designated space. No room left in closets and pantries? You may want to head to the park instead.

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