Los Angeles and the surrounding region is an area that always seems to be undergoing exciting changes. Here are a few developments slated to take place in the upcoming months.

Beverly Hills Dog Park

Beverly Hills has announced its plans to build its first dog park. Though the exact details of the plan are still in the works, the new off-leash park will be located at Alden Drive and Foothill Road. In an attempt to maintain the area’s exclusivity, entrance to the park will likely involve the use of keycards that can only be obtained by residents after proving their dogs are licensed and properly permitted to use the park. The five-acre park will have a 40 dog limit, with hours likely to be from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. A ranger is also likely to be posted at the park, at least for the first six months, in order to determine if the extra security is necessary.

USC Coliseum Restoration

USC has committed to investing $270 million in the Los Angeles Memoria Coliseum, which hasn’t received any significant upgrades in about 20 years. The funds would go toward replacing every seat in the stadium while also bringing back some of the elements that were found in the original 1923 venue design. The project would also involve preserving historical elements, such as the columned arches near the front of the coliseum. At the same time, while the Coliseum would look much like it did in the 1920s, the renovation would include a massive modernization with the addition of two giant digital screens, increased leg room and widened aisles. As a result, the Coliseum will go from having 93,600 seats to 77,500.

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An entirely new building will also be constructed along the south section of the Coliseum, while new WiFi, mechanical, electrical and plumbing would also be included in the plans. If the plan is approved, work on the stadium will begin after the 2017 football season comes to an end at USC. The project would be finalized before the 2019 football season begins, with plans calling for no interruption to the 2018 season. While USC does not currently have the funding for the project, it expects to raise the necessary money through donations, sponsorships and naming rights.

Slauson Avenue Bike and Pedestrian Path

Metro recently announced that it has received a $15 million grant to create a Rail-to-River pathway for bikes and pedestrians that would connect the Crenshaw Line to the LA River. The project would involve turning a section of train tracks known as Harbor Subdivision into a multi-modal corridor in an area where more than one-fifth of households within a half-mile radius do not own a car. Spanning approximately 6.4 miles in length, the Rail-to-Rail connection will start at Slauson and Santa Fe Avenues and will reach to Crenshaw and Sixth-Seventh Street. It will then continue toward the Crenshaw Line Stop located at West Boulevard and Florence Avenue.

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Currently, there is no bike lane or sidewalk located on Slauson. The new path will not only provide a more convenient method of travel, but it will also feature signage, lighting and benches along the way. Before the pathway can be constructed, however, Metro needs to get the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad to “formally abandon the rail right-of-way” in the area where the project has been planned.

Bike and Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover Coming to Union Station

Metro also has plans in the work for creating a bike and pedestrian-friendly space at Downtown LA’s Union Station. The plan, which will get its start with the help of $12.3 million in state grants, will include developing more spacious sidewalks, better spots for crossing the street on Alameda Street, a pedestrian plaza and a bike hub. The project could be underway as early as next spring.

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