La Jolla California Luxury Design

In the beautiful communities around La Jolla, the luxury homes themselves are often considered works of art. However, there are many home owners that love to display expensive, meaningful works inside their own artful dwelling.

Designing a home around artwork can be somewhat difficult. When used in conjunction with many other elements in a room, a work of art can come off in a brash overload of the senses. On the flip side, using too few elements to complement your favorite painting or sculpture can take away from the room altogether, making it feel more like a gallery than a living room inside a home.

To find that perfect balance for your art and decor in your luxury La Jolla home, here are a few tips to designing a room to complement to your art collection.

Find a Worthy Work

The first step in incorporating art into your home’s decor is to find the perfect piece of art. Authentic, one-of-a-kind works can be rather expensive, so make sure you are investing in a piece that speaks to you and your home. This work will be something you’ll look at nearly every day of your life, make sure it works in conjunction with your lifestyle and blends well with how you have envisioned your home to be.

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Provide a Fitting Backdrop

In order to allow art to stand out enough to be noticed, your walls should be muted enough to allow the work to speak for itself without being too boring or stark. The perfect backdrop for your work of art should be a deep-colored but neutral paint, such as a rich taupe. This allows the work to stand out and blend in all at the same time.

Don’t Fear Wild Elements

While the work of art can serve as a focal point for the room, incorporating just one other loud element in the room will help to make a simplistic, yet artful statement. Consider a piece with a raucous pattern such as a zebra rug. Be careful not to go too loud or incorporate too many patterns as these will take away from the work of prominence in the room rather than provide a stealthy complement.

Frame With Furniture

If you have a painting or other type of work suspended on a wall, frame the work with furniture below and on either side of it. You can border the work below with a sofa or elongated table. On either side incorporate tall, thin elements such as fluted table lamps or candlesticks to draw the eye up to the work. These elements will also provide a cohesive setting for the work in conjunction with the rest of the room.

If you are interested in learning more about homes in La Jolla, please feel free to consult with our team of property experts. We’d love to help you find and secure the perfect Southern California luxury home.

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