Malibu California Luxury Home Decorating

One of the perks of owning a luxury home in Malibu is that, chances are, your home is an opulent canvas eager for enhancement with the latest in design trends. One place that luxury home owners might want to look to for inspiration in designing and accenting their home for the fall season is the runway.

Being two of the most dynamic and closely-linked elements in the applied art universe, the dialogue between fashion and home design is an important one to look at, as it can help to elevate a space to a study in luxurious perfection. Here is what to look for on the fall runway this season, and how to translate the latest fashions to your Malibu home.


Designers such as Valentino have been showcasing this whimsical pattern on everything from ball gowns to handbags for this season and luxury home owners are taking note. The fanciful design of Chinoiserie is characterized by its incorporation of intricate patterns using the Asian-inspired imagery of floral scenes, branches and birds. In the home, Chinoiserie is most popularly used on embroidered silk sofas and even wall-papered accent walls. Having been a highly regarded design among French monarchs in the 17th and 18th centuries, the design brings a certain elaborate sophistication to a sitting or formal living room.

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Metal Elements

Edgier designers such as Chloé have firmly galvanized their fall lines, using metal no longer as just an accent but as a main element in the ensemble. Harnessing these rigid, yet naturally beautiful elements for the home is one way to give a sculptural look to a modern room. Luxury home designers are using rich metals such as copper, brass and bronze on lamps and coffee tables in order to exude the unique warmth of these resonant hues.


This distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern has recently been seen in Miu Miu’s latest collection, and has thus been iterated in home designs ranging from classical Anglo to Art Deco and the celebrity regaled mid-century. Herringbone patterns have been seen on everything from intricately parqueted, wood buffets and dining room elements to even subdued in hue version on wallpaper. When used smartly, the quiet sophistication of herringbone can turn a room into modern yet retro-inspired masterpiece.


Not only does this trend take from the runway, but its influence has also been seen in the latest hair styling trend known as ombré. Shibori is an ancient Japanese technique that uses a gradient shade of blue throughout the fabric of a gown or sweater. Luxury home designers have been anchoring rooms with this calming, watercolor-like pattern by using it in area rugs, table and bed linens. The resulting effect this pattern has on a space is a refined, bohemian chic element that creates interesting, eye-catching appeal from top to bottom.

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