It is no secret that one of the key factors in running a successful business is finding the right employees. In addition to finding people who have the qualifications and skills that are necessary, keeping the best employees requires finding ways to ensure they are happy in their positions. Not only will this encourage them to stay with your company, but it will also inspire them to work harder. Unfortunately, paying your employees more money to keep them happy is not always possible. To that end, here are some ways to create satisfied employees without busting your budget.

Put Good Management in Place

More and more California residents are starting their own business. One of the most important things to keep in mind for a successful business is your employees. It’s best to keep your employees happy by putting the right management in place. Whether you are managing your employees or you have hired someone to do the job for you, be sure to get the necessary training and coaching to be a good leader. Even if you consider yourself to be a “natural leader,” additional training can be beneficial. Remember, most people don’t leave a company because they don’t like what the company does. Rather, they leave because they are tired of dealing with incompetent leadership.

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Give Them a Sense of Purpose

Whether running a non-profit or a Fortune 500 company, employees want to feel as if they are serving some sort of purpose within the organization. In fact, a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review and The Energy Project found that “feeling a sense of purpose at work” was the single biggest influence behind whether or not employees felt satisfied. The study further found that those who felt a sense of purpose were 3 times more likely to stay on their jobs, experienced 1.7 times more job satisfaction and were 1.4 times more engaged at work.

Make Work Enjoyable

Obviously, it is impossible to make work a fun place to be every day. With that said, there are steps that you can take to help make the workplace more welcoming and enjoyable so your employees actually like to come to work. Hosting parties, putting together group outings to special events, making a big deal out of birthdays or job anniversaries and providing employees with small tokens of appreciation on a periodic basis are all great ways to make the workplace more enjoyable while also building relationships among your employees. Similarly, don’t disregard the importance of being personable with your employees. Providing public praise to an employee or a simple pat on the back can go a long way, as can genuine concern for an employee who is experiencing personal or professional hardships.

Give Them Time Off

For many employees, time is more valuable than money. Spontaneously letting the office leave an hour early or giving someone the day off after they have finished a big project is a great way to show your appreciation while also giving your employee a much needed break.

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