Luxurious Thanksgiving table settings

Even in the laid back setting of Southern California, luxury home owners could do for a little dose of drama to add to their Thanksgiving holiday table settings. A beautifully set table can not only accentuate the magnificent space in which the dinner is being held, but it can also make just a meal a truly memorable special occasion.

With Thanksgiving being just around the corner, and one of the most important of special occasions for families in Southern California, here are a few tips for making your table setting a truly luxurious one that is dressed to impress.

Layer Different Elements

Although the change may be minimally seen in Southern California, the fall season is one characterized by changing colors from the rich greens of summer to the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds of fall. Blending the old with the new is one great way to abstractly represent the fall palette on your Thanksgiving table. Designer Erinn Valencich recommends via to layer rustic elements with glamorous elements on your table and throughout your room.

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To create a truly unique setting throughout the room, Valencich will incorporate antique furniture such as an old French settee with more modern pieces for seating around the large dining table. For the table setting itself, Valencich will incorporate glamorous elements such as gold-rimmed crystal plates, gilt-lined votives with rich hues of burgundy and chartreuse for the table cloths and flowery centerpieces.

Mix High and Low Accessories

The days of the massive floral centerpiece are out. Especially on Thanksgiving, the turkey is the centerpiece and all else should be situated around it to be complements. Mix in high and low elements to create varying levels of focal points all around the table. You can do this by incorporating brass candlesticks of different heights all around the table, and off-setting their height with smaller accent pieces such as vintage china and smaller bud vases filled with simple, sophisticated flower arrangements for guests to admire.

Create Highly Personalized Place Cards

Make your guests feel truly welcomed at your table by creating highly personalized place cards. A great personalization technique that goes beyond just names written in calligraphy is to draw your guests silhouette on their place cards. While this sounds complicated, it can be incredibly simple.

First, find photos of your guests that feature a strong head-and-shoulder outlines of them. Print these photos out on regular paper and cut around their outline. Then use a black permanent market to completely color over the photo. You can then glue the silhouette onto card stock and frame or matte the place holder in whatever clever way you prefer.

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