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In the world of luxury design, perhaps nothing is more upscale and desirable than ensuring the health and safety of children around the world. Such is the conceptof one of San Marino’s newest stores targeting Los Angeles and surrounding area home owners. Aptly named Colori Design, the accessory store located along the charming stretch of Mission Street is a vendor of luxury accessories with an abundance of color and life that also has a strong eye toward philanthropy and sharing the simple luxuries of life with those who are less fortunate.

Owner Lori Samuels was inspired to establish Colori after a visit to Italy opened her eyes to the beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that is sold throughout the country. After one of her shopping trips that yielded the purchase of a brilliant necklace, Samuels realized that she couldn’t wait to get back home and share her rare and beautiful finds with her friends and family. Out of this compulsion and with a great need to give back, Samuels decided to open a shop where she could sell fine jewelry and use the proceeds from sales to donate to charities of her choice.

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The decision to give back was practically a no brainer for Samuels, who sits on the board for the Los Angeles Zoo and has long had a passion for philanthropy and charity. Samuels has also served as a marketer for several nonprofit organizations throughout her career.

“I love color, and I love giving back, and it was my son who came up with the idea of marrying my two passions — color and philanthropy — into one shop,” Samuels said to the Los Angeles Times.

San Marino Store Aims to Help Local Charities

After her trip to Italy ignited a passion to share wonderful designs while benefitting great causes, Samuels first decided to test the Los Angeles market by hosting a trunk show. At the event, Samuels sold a number of high-quality desk accessories and leather goods, and by the end had garnered enough excitement for her project that the dream would soon become a reality.

“I told my friends, ‘Don’t feel any pressure to buy anything. I only want your feedback,’ and the positive feedback was overwhelming,” Samuels said.

Samuels was also able to donate 100 percent of her sales to the Help Group, which is one of the largest charities in the United States that is devoted to helping children with autism spectrum disorders. Not long after the successful trunk show, Samuels was able to open her shop in San Marino, where she now vends leather goods, jewelry and home accessories from all spectrums of the rainbow. Even amid the pressure and expense of opening a shop, Samuels was able to stay true to her mission. After the first few months of business she donated more than 5 percent of gross sales to the Help Group.

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