San Diego Military Home Charity

Being in the military can mean months and sometimes years spent away from the home and family. During times of deployment, husbands and wives can’t be around to help around the house while the other partner left at home works to fulfill the role of two parents. This can sometimes lead to the detriment of a home. Any home owner knows that without constant maintenance a home can easily fall into disrepair.

Fortunately for military home owners that can’t always tend to every project, a local company is stepping in to help. REIG, a San Marcos-based company that specialized in home flipping and renovations, recently established a project called Operation Renovation. The program is intended to reach out to military families that are in need of drastic home renovations.

In late January, the project’s first renovation was completed and the result was a resounding success. The renovated home was that of Barry and Cheryl Barton. Barry serves in the Navy’s Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 4 at North Island and the couple share three sons, one of which is disabled and requires around the clock care.

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With Cheryl unable to work, the couple had struggled to make renovations to their home to accommodate their son’s needs. With 5-year-old Christopher’s special needs, many aspects of the home needed to be addressed for wheelchair and walker use such as replacing carpet with laminate, adding a roll-in shower and outfitting the home with air conditioning. When REIG announced they were looking for candidates for their Operation Renovation program, the Bartons thought they’d give it a shot.

A Family’s Dream Home is Made

When REIG surprised the Bartons with news that their home would be their first project, the shocked family was modest in their need but unendingly grateful for the help.

“We really don’t deserve this at all,” Barry Barton said to The San Diego Union Tribune. “I think there are a lot of other military families who need something like this, especially the people who go to Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re the boots on the ground and we’re not. But everyone has been so generous. It’s just amazing.”

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When REIG embarked on the project, the company was prepared to foot the bill for the expected $25,000 in renovations. However, the discovery of a cracked slab and other costly problems with the home increased the bill to more than $100,000. Rather than balk on their commitment, REIG called in a few companies with which they work regularly to help.

“We realized we couldn’t do it all,” said Clark. “We saw how we could leverage our relationship with vendors to make an impact in people’s lives. What we found is that there are a lot of great people out there who are willing to help.”

With the month-long project completed and delivered to an overwhelmingly grateful family, REIG plans to keep its promise with Operation Renovation. With its network of more than 20 generous local vendors, the group plans to keep on changing lives with home renovations.

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