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As society becomes more and more infiltrated with digitized forms of communication, art forms such as the hand-written word are falling by the wayside. Fonts, typefaces and emoticons are becoming a more normalized part of the daily lexicon, so much so that a documentary was even made to celebrate the Helvetica font.

In response to this movement, many artists and home designers are reverting back to one of the oldest and most celebrated art forms of antiquity: calligraphy. This highly stylized form of writing has come a long way since its inception hundreds of years ago. The art form that was formerly relegated to handwritten letters and wedding invitations is now making its way into the home as a personal style of home owners and a unique interpretation of the letter form.

Artists such as Los Angeles-based Molly Suber Thorpe are taking their own love for the intricate form and using it to breathe new life into a fading pastime, and making it applicable yet again in home owners’ daily lives.

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“The whole style is expanding and evolving, and it is actually finally being appreciated as an art form,” Suber Thorpe said to the Los Angeles Times. “I think people are really attracted to something that feels hand-done, not just typed up.”

After graduating from UCLA in 2009, Suber Thorpe established her business, Plurabelle Calligraphy and Design Studio, and promptly published her best-selling book in the paper craft and calligraphy categories, “Modern Calligraphy: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Script Calligraphy.” She then set forth in creating unique designs for the home, utilizing the script style to essentially brand homes and their home owners in the most classic sense.

“It started in the wedding industry and grew from there,” Suber Thorpe said. “Now that same target audience wants to literally brand their homes — from jam labels to address stamps to bed linens.”

Antique Art Form Elevates Los Angeles Home Design

Using the art form, which harkens back to Edwardian and Spencerian times, works to bring a timeless quality to any home. Whether the script is used as embroidery on a pillow or on a kitchen chalkboard, calligraphy is finding its way back into the American home, especially in Southern California’s luxury properties. Many home owners are committing to learning the art form, and have been using it in their own projects in and around the house.

“People love chalkboard lettering, and you see it everywhere. It’s also a nice project for beginners, because you can always just erase and start over,” Suber Thorpe said.

Local and national brands are recognizing the trend as well. High-end purveyors of home decor products such as West Elm and Williams-Sonoma have chalkboard planters and pots, while kitchen-gadget emporium Sur la Table has been featuring wineglass charms that are hand customizable.

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