With new automated and connected vehicle technologies being developed at a rapid pace, developing ways to regulate them and ensure the proper cybersecurity measures are put in place has become increasingly important for both the state and federal government. As such, lawmakers at both levels of government have been considering the technology while discussing the regulations that they might need to put into place.

Federal Regulations of Automotive Cybersecurity

Earlier this month, both automakers and technology industry experts urged Congress to avoid putting heavy-handed regulations in place at this time. According to those who spoke at the House hearing, the industry is able to move much faster than the government in terms of updating or modifying outdated practices and adjusting to emerging threats. Since the technology that will ultimately lead to driverless cars is still developing, government regulations could severely slow down the process or move development in the wrong direction.

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Despite these concerns, new rules governing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication are being developed. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is developing standards for wireless communication between vehicles.

California’s Guidelines

The state of California is also working proactively at developing guidelines regarding self-driving cars. In fact, state officials hope to make the state the first in the world to release safety regulations regarding regulations for public use of these vehicles. These rules and guidelines are expected to address how much control human drivers must maintain over their vehicles while also providing guidelines regarding how autonomous vehicle manufacturers can certify their vehicles as being safe from hazardous road conditions as well as cyberattacks.

While the state is almost ready to release its safety regulations, it is actually behind schedule on the release. In fact, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation in 2012 requiring the DMV to have a draft ready at the beginning of 2015. The fast-paced changes within the industry and the technology that powers it, however, have raised complex issues making it challenging for the agency to develop meaningful regulations and guidelines.

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Before releasing its final plans, the DMV plans to hold a public workshop in Sacramento that will be attended by vehicle manufacturers and others who are involved in the development and production of the vehicles. The DMV also plans to hold a 45-day public comment period before submitted the regulations to the Office of Administrative Law for approval.

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

As of right now, those who are involved in the development of self-driving cars still do not have an exact timetable of when they expect the vehicles to be made available to the public. Vehicles with V2V technology, however, are expected to be released next year when General Motors includes the technology in its Cadillac CTS model.

For those who can afford this exciting new technology, self-driving cars capable of talking to each other can open up a whole new world of possibilities. With California moving ahead with developing regulations, residents will be among the first to get to take full advantage of this technology. Let our luxury real estate experts help you discover more of what California has to offer.

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