Newport Coast Luxury Home Gym

With the new year in full swing many Newport Coast home owners may still be in the grips of their health and fitness resolutions for 2015. Busy schedules and day-to-day family obligations can sometimes stand in the way of getting to the gym, but luckily for luxury home owners the gym can often come to them.

Many luxury home owners enjoy having their own gyms right inside their homes not just for the convenience of transportation, but it also means that the equipment they want to use is always available to them. If you’re looking to include a personal gym built to your specifications in your Newport Coast home, here are a few tips for getting started.

Find a suitable space

If you really want to make the most out of your personal gym, you really need to find the perfect space for it. Cramming some equipment into any spare room in the home likely won’t do for this project. Find a space, perhaps in your basement, that is spacious and full of light and air. These are all elements that help to infuse energy and strength, and they will help you feel motivated to work out each and every day.¬†Mirrored walls are often a great way to visually open up a smaller space and can be easily installed.

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If you don’t have a source of natural light in your chosen space, purchase a light source that uses soft white bulbs to mimic natural light as much as possible. Make sure to clear out your space, not so you can fill it with workout gadgets, but so that you can create a space that is all about the workout and free of clutter and distractions. For minimal decoration, consider incorporating a plant such as bamboo or ferns, which are popular in gyms for their indoor air purification powers.

Think about your equipment

When it comes time to stock your home gym with equipment, think small before going big. Big clunky machines such as treadmills and ellipticals often only get in the way, besides you have the beautiful Southern California climate to get out and go for a walk or run. Unless you have plenty of space, we suggest forgoing the big machines and opting for smaller equipment such as foam rollers, jump ropes, balance discs and a set of dumbbells that can be adjusted in weight. These are great essentials that will get you off to a great start.

Once you start¬†working out in your home gym, you’ll get a better idea of what you’ll want to do with the space. If strength training becomes an important part of your routine, perhaps you’ll invest in a bench, rack or larger set of dumbbells. If yoga becomes an essential part of your routine, perhaps you’ll clear out the room all together for just a mat and a few blocks. No matter what, your space should be as flexible as your workouts so that you don’t find yourself getting bored with it.

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