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Newport Beach bike enthusiasts are gearing up for an exciting new prospect as a new proposal has been presented to the community that would add nearly 47 miles of new bike routes in addition to fixing up existing ones. Despite the year-round sunny weather and propensity for Newport Beach home owners to get outdoors for exercise and recreation, only 0.8 percent of the commutes taken in the community involve bicycles.

Newport Beach’s bike committee hopes to change all that by rolling out a plan that would make the community increasingly bike-friendly over the next two decades. In addition to adding bike lanes and trails, the committee also hopes to include programs that will train young and senior bike riders, create bike safety programs, include bike valets at city events, and create bike hubs for maintenance and bike sharing.

For many of Newport Beach’s luxury home owners, the prospect of an increase in bike-friendly routes offers many more opportunities to ride the beautiful environs of Southern California as well as an opportunity to check out the latest and greatest in road, mountain and touring bikes to hit the market.

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Here is a breakdown of 2014’s finest luxury bikes:

Road Bike

These light-as-a-feather bikes are fast and furious on smooth, road surfaces, and aren’t meant for off-road trails. One of the finest road bike models to hit the market this year is the Felt F5. While this bike is somewhat of a bargain for high-end road bikes at $1,800, it still features the very finest materials and aspects that make for an efficient and smooth ride, whether for a short ride to work or on a long training ride.

Weighing in at only 18.5 pounds, Felt bike makers have addressed every detail of the bike to ensure a lightweight, quality construction, including making the pedals and bottle cage out of alloy. In spite of its lithe construction, not a bit of stability is sacrificed on the road. The Felt F5 frame is durable and balanced while its range of gears allow riders to reach an ideal cadence.

Mountain Bike

For those looking for a little more adventure, the Yeti SB75 is an ideal mountain bike. This bike is much more robust than a road bike, with thicker, heavier treaded tires that can negotiate the rocky terrain of Southern California’s mountain trails. With 27.5-inch wheels and 5 inches of travel, this model has great maneuverability, excellent climbing efficiency and a strong versatility for a variety of terrain.

The SB75 is available in a variety builds ranging from $2,900 to $6,900.

Touring Bike

A good touring bike is one that is fast, durable and comfortable for long rides on the road. The Pinarello ROKH Force has all of these features and more. The suspension system of the bike takes the sting out of bumpy roads and allows riders to sit comfortably for those multi-hour training rides. In addition to being light and quick, the ROKH handles incredibly well, allowing riders to weave in and out of cycle or auto traffic.

Bike trails are just one aspect that makes living in Newport Beach great. If you are interested in Newport Beach real estate, please feel free to contact our team of property experts today.

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