You finally found the home of your dreams and it’s time to settle in. Now that you have unpacked the boxes and found a home for your treasures, it’s time to make the house feel like home for your furry family members as well. These are five of the best ways to customize your new home to make it pet friendly.

#1: Pets Need a Space of Their Own

Just like people, pets do best when they have a space all their own. They need a place they can get some down time, rest or retreat in times of stress. Most pet owners know that their pet will seek out their own living space when they need it. For some, a pet bed in a corner of the living space is the perfect spot. For others, it could be something a little more lavish. A space that is quiet, out of the way and someplace you don’t mind a little extra hair is ideal. Add a soft bed and some favorite toys and this space can quickly become your dog or cat’s favorite part of your new home.

#2: Paw-Safe Flooring and Fabrics

Another great option is to opt for fabrics and flooring that will allow your pet to be a part of the family. Easy-to-care-for surfaces like leather or ultrasuede can be wiped easily as needed. You could even choose Crypton Super Fabric, which is a synthetic germ and stain-resistant covering designed specifically for pets. In terms of flooring, carpeting is not ideal, with most pet-friendly homes opting for hardwood floors with a solid urethane finish. If your pets are tough on floors, you might want to consider ceramic tile or other nonporous hard surface flooring.

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#3: Check for hazards

A commonly overlooked step in making your home pet-ready is to thoroughly check your new home for the many common hazards that can be lurking in your new home. Be sure to remove any potential dangers that may be quietly lingering. Like homes with small children, medications and cleaning products should be stored up high or in cabinets that securely close. Wires should be covered and window treatment cords should not loop or hang low. Many experts suggest that pet owners drop down to pet level in order to get a picture of what might be attractive to your pets. This way, you can catch those overlooked dangers.

#4: Easy Outside Access

Not only is a “doggie door” a convenience for you as the pet-owner, it is also a great way for pets to feel like they have freedom to roam. When your dog or cat is ready to pop outside for a bit, you don’t have to stop what you are doing. Now, with modernized versions of the old eyesores, pet doors can blend seamlessly into your design style so visitors won’t even know they are there.

#5: Petscaping

If your pet spends a fair amount of time outside, petscaping your yard can be a helpful way to keep your pet busy and safe. This might include putting up a fence, making sure all of your plants are safe for your pet and ensuring that no pesticides are used to treat your lawn. There are some fun additions you might want to consider like a pet gym, climbing areas and plenty of fun toys to play with.

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