With the holiday season upon us, you are likely finding yourself receiving invitations to many of the best parties and celebration Southern California has to offer. Attending these parties is not only a great opportunity for having a little fun, but it also gives you the chance to expand both your personal and professional network. Of course, if you approach these parties in the wrong manner, you could do more damage to your reputation than good. With that to keep in mind, here are five tips for being a superb holiday guest.

Tip #1: Be Courteous

Even before you arrive at the party, you should make sure you are being courteous to your host. This starts with providing an RSVP to the event. Whether you receive an online invite or a hard cardstock invitation, be sure to provide the host with an answer in a timely manner. Otherwise, it comes across as though you are waiting for something better to come along before you make a commitment.

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Once you arrive to the party, the courtesy continues by greeting the host once you arrive. Even if the party is in full swing when you arrive, seek out the host and thank him or her for the invitation. Before you leave, be sure to thank the host once more for the invitation. Follow up the next day with a handwritten note thanking the host once more. If a handwritten note is not possible, an email is acceptable, though considered to be a bit impersonal.

Tip #2: Be Timely

Arriving in a timely manner is an essential part of party etiquette. If you are attending a cocktail party, it is acceptable to arrive anytime within the first half hour. If you are attending a dinner party, however, you should arrive at the time the party begins. On the other hand, don’t linger after the other guests have departed.

Tip #3: Be Generous

When attending a holiday party, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift for the host. Flowers are acceptable, as is an appropriately wrapped bottle of wine or chocolates. If you really want to stand out, consider bringing a bottle of wine that is 3 liters or larger. Similarly, if it is a charity event, be sure to bring a check so you can make a donation and don’t forget small bills for tips if the host has arranged for valet parking.

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Tip #4: Be Friendly

Once you have arrived at the party, be sure to circulate and mingle amongst all of the guests rather than sticking with one group or shying away by yourself. Approach those who do not seem to be talking to others and start asking questions to help them get started with a conversation. When initiating a conversation, however, resist the temptation to pursue your own agenda and do not lead the discussion with business. You should only talk about work if someone asks you what you do.

Tip #5: Be True to Your Word

Finally, if you say you are going to go to the event, be sure to show up. Furthermore, do not bring an uninvited guest who has not been cleared with your host beforehand. Remember, your host has planned for a certain number of people, so failure to show up or bringing extra people could have a seriously negative impact on your host’s party.

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