Del Mar Luxury Home Amenities

In luxury communities such as Del Mar where home buyers are shelling out millions of dollars for some of the world’s most superb┬áhomes, traditional amenities such as spectacular views and rooms to entertain a myriad of high-profile guests just isn’t cutting it anymore. Today’s luxury home buyer is looking for a more particular set of luxury features to set a home apart from the rest.

Here are a few of the latest trends in luxury amenities that are making waves among luxury home buyers and home owners throughout Southern California.

Dine-in wine cellars

The wine cellar is becoming an increasingly hot commodity, but luxury home owners are taking the concept one step further by turning this room into a destination for themselves and their guests. Many high-end home owners are wanting to entertain alongside their magnificent collections, giving guests an opportunity to peruse the selection of rare and exquisite wines while dining or enjoying a few drinks. Dine-in wine cellars are also being outfitted with temperature and humidity controls, specialized lighting and ventilation systems to ensure the wine and guests are entertained in an ideal environment.

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Luxury parking structures

Never ones to avoid an indulgent purchase here and there, luxury home owners often have a few high-end cars to be housed within their high-end homes. Home owners are working to solve this problem by building subterranean or automatic parking structures to store their rare vehicles. These structures work by having the driver pull a car into the garage onto a platform. They then type in a code and the car is automatically moved to its designated parking space.

Air quality systems

No matter how close your home is to the fresh air around Southern California’s beaches, air quality is still issue for the region. Luxury home owners are working to fight this in their own home by installing high-tech air purification systems. Some of these filtration systems incorporate UV lights and energy-efficient fans to help keep the air purified. Water purification is also a much sought-after system. Home owners are investing in systems that purify water at the very point at which it enters the home so each and every tap and water source in the home pours clean water.

Extra-long driveways

This amenity may not seem like one that offers a whole lot, but luxury home owners are finding an added sense of security for their sprawling mansions with a lengthy lead-up driveway. These elaborate drives not only set the home off from the busy street, but they also offer an opportunity to showcase beautiful landscaping that builds up to their magnificent home at the end of the drive.

Multi-purpose rooms

Wealthy home owners with hobbies are now dedicating entire rooms of their homes to just that. Indoor putting greens, basketball courts, gymnastics facilities and even concert halls are becoming more popular requests for home owners looking to create their own personal oasis.

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