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Living in San Diego gives you ample opportunity to get out and power devices down, but how much time do you still spend in front of the television? The average American watches five hours of television everyday, according the Nielsen media ratings company. While sometimes coming home and plopping in front of the television is a great way to unwind after a long day or week, there are plenty of other ways to relax that can be even more rewarding. Here are a few tips to cut out your television watching time in your San Diego home.

Avoid TV dinners.

When TV dinners became a thing, it was instantly adopted by Americans throughout the country. But more and more researchers have come to discover that not only is watching television while eating a disservice to you and those you live with, it can cause you to consume much more food. Each night when you come home from work, make it a point to get the entire family together at the dining table for dinner. You can talk about your day, any exciting things coming up or any goals that each family member has.

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Create a schedule.

Cutting television out of your routine completely isn’t necessary, but it’s also not necessary to flip on the screen everyday. With streaming networks and an endless number of channels to peruse through, it can seem as though you need to get through each and every show, movie and series that comes out. Take a step back and reevaluate what you watch and whether you really need to be up-to-date on everything. Then set your “on” schedule by this standard. Try to have at least one night a week when the television isn’t even turned on.

Set the standard.

“Do as I say, not as I do” is never a good rule to live by. Set the standard in your home by putting down your phone and turning off the television during “off” hours or days. If you yourself live by the rules you’re putting in place, other members of your family will likely do the same. You can set a good example by exercising, taking up a hobby or reading.

Create a family hobby.

Give all the family members something fun and non-technology related to take part in each day that television isn’t allowed. Maybe that’s starting up a softball league with neighbors or going on a walk, bike ride or run. Getting outdoors in San Diego isn’t tough to do so take advantage of the beautiful surroundings you have. You could also start a hobby like building a garden, learning a new language or cooking or baking.

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