Laguna Beach Luxury Design Trends

Luxury homes in Southern California are often on the cutting edge of design trends. Home owners have the freedom to express their own individual styles and needs in their own home, however these accents or themes can often work to turn potential home buyers off when it comes time to sell.

For a home buyer to really appreciate a home enough to pay millions of dollars for it, they have to be able to picture themselves in it. Highly individualistic touches can get in the way of that, so when it comes time to sell, it might be best to tone down the “you” in your home.

Here are a few highly-stylized design trends you may consider altering prior to inviting potential buyers into your Southern California luxury home.

Bold Wall Colors

Interior designers who are keeping up with the latest trends in colors and finishes can often convince home owners to paint their interior walls some rather bold colors. Some have even gone so far as to paint a wall black as a backdrop to metallic accessories or appliance, the ultimate in modern home design.

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Although these trends can lend to beautiful and dramatic spaces, they are not universally appealing and may turn off buyers. When it comes time to put your luxury home on the market, consider repainting those bold walls a slightly more neutral color. Even if a buyer plans on painting and decorating themselves, repainting is a great way to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a buyer falling in love with your space.

Ostentatious Light Fixtures

Chandeliers and sconces are a great way to add drama and high style to a room, however they should never be so lavish that they steal the spotlight from the other features of the room. If your home has an intensely modern or ornate light fixture, it might be best to change it out with something a little more universally appealing.

The type of metal used in the fixture can also work to turn off buyers as well. Gold can have a tendency to give a home an outdated, 1980s feel. Stick to more neutral metals such as silver or brushed nickel so as not to draw attention away from other, more important parts of the home.

Lavish Pet Products

The pet product industry is one that is growing every day. This year the industry is expected to increase by nearly $3 billion! Yet again, luxury home owners are at the forefront of this trend, with some even remodeling rooms of their homes to accommodate their devoted four-legged friends.

Although pets enhance the lives of home owners, home buyers won’t see the same value in the products and renovations you might have around your home. Pet-related items can give the impression that the home is dirty, even if it is in pristine condition. Best practice is to hide this paraphernalia as much as possible.

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