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Fervor for the new Los Angeles stadium that could bring not one, but two NFL teams to the City of Angels has reached a fever pitch. Just two months after the proposal of the stadium project was made public, the Carson City Council has unanimously approved it, bringing to an end a 20-year absence of the NFL from the Los Angeles area.

“There are two things we need in California: rain … and football,” Los Angeles Times reported Carson Mayor Albert Robles said after the 3-0 vote. “And football is coming to Carson!”

The $1.7 billion project will turn a vacant, former municipal landfill site located next to the 405 Freeway into a 70,000-seat stadium, which will be the new home of the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. Details beyond this information remain in short supply as the public and council were so quick to voice approval for the project that the nitty gritty of the project has yet to be hammered out. What is known is that no tax dollars are expected to go toward the construction of the stadium. Goldman Sachs is expected to lead the investment project, which will rely on personal seat licenses for about half the cost.

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The proposal for the Carson City stadium mirrors a similar project gaining steam in Inglewood, which is being backed by billionaire St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Stockbridge Capital. With both reaching approval, Los Angeles might go from zero NFL teams to three in just a few years.

Los Angeles Football Kicks Into High Gear

Both the Chargers and the Raiders are still actively seeking new stadiums in their respective cities, but the approval of the Carson City project is certainly making things interesting for the teams’ administrative offices.

“There will be a path to a new stadium here,” said Anthony Manolatos, spokesman for the Citizens Stadium Advisory Group in San Diego.

“It sounds like there will be one in L.A., too. If so, it will be up to Mr. Spanos to decide if he wants a new stadium in San Diego or Los Angeles,” Manolatos said with respect to San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

If Carson City home owners have any say in the decision to bring either of these teams to the Los Angeles area the teams would have been here yesterday. In order to bring the ballot before the City Council, supporters needed to gather the support of the community and it came in droves. In just eight days, supporters gathered 15,000 signatures, which is almost twice the amount needed.

“We don’t need a vote,” said Felix Hernandez, to Los Angeles Times. “The community has spoken. Football needs to come back to Los Angeles.”

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