Are you interested in decreasing the amount of energy that you use in your home? Not only does high energy consumption have a negative impact on the environment, but it is also a waste of your hard-earned money. To help reduce your energy costs, here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Use Your Heating and Air Wisely

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling units is an essential component of helping them run as efficiently as possible. This includes replacing or cleaning filters regularly as well as keeping outside vents clear of debris. To further increase the efficiency of your heating and air units, close the doors to rooms that you seldom use and make sure the windows near your thermostat are closed tightly. To help keep your house cool, close your shades to block out the sun.

Adjusting your thermostat by just a degree or two can also go a long way toward increasing energy efficiency. Use a programmable thermostat and program your heating and air to change while you are home versus while you are away at work.

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Tip #2: Reduce Energy Costs When Using Appliances

Just as with your heating and cooling units, maintaining a clean oven and range top burners will help these appliances run more efficiently. The same is true of the refrigerator. Periodically remove the filter located at the bottom of your fridge and vacuum it out to help reduce energy costs. You can also save on your energy bill by turning the oven or electric burner off just a little before you are done cooking. They will stay hot for a short period of time after you are done cooking without unnecessarily wasting energy. Letting your dishes and clothes air dry is another great way to cut energy costs.

Tip #3: Smart Water Usage

Running your water does more than just add to your water bill. It also adds to your energy costs when you choose to run hot water. Simple steps, such as using cold water instead of hot water when running the garbage disposal, will help to reduce your energy costs. The same is true for washing clothes in cold water and taking shorter showers. You can also save on water-related costs by only running your dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load.

Tip #4: Make Good Use of the Fireplace

If you enjoy periodically lighting a fire in a fireplace, be sure to close the damper when you are done. Leaving your damper open can allow as much as eight percent of your heat to go out the chimney. Also, keep in mind that you may actually lose heat from other rooms while you have a fire burning, so consider lowering your thermostat to 50 or 55 while using your fireplace.

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    Home size: 3,035 sq ft
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